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Planning board and zoning board of appeals members are required by state statute to obtain four hours of training a year. Town, village and city zoning board of appeals and planning board members, as well as county planning board members must receive training. This webinar series will also provide an opportunity for local government professionals from across the board to sharpen their skills, obtain credits, learn about trends and regulations, meet the experts and find out about funding opportunities.

AICP members can earn Certification Maintenance (CM) credits for these activities. When CM credits are available, they are noted at the end of an activity description. More information about AICP’s CM program can be found at AICP members must be in attendance for the duration of the event in order to receive CM Credit.

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Your Eventbrite ticket will give you access to the online event page with sign-up links for the each of our ten webinars. You will not be able to access the webinars without a ticket. The registration for the series is a one-time fee. There are no additional costs for accessing webinars individually. Think of the ticket like a season ticket – attend any game you like after you’ve got your ticket.

How The Series Works

If you have not yet purchased a ticket, and would like to attend, please do so by clicking the “tickets” link to the right of the Eventbrite page. The email address you register with will be the email address for access to the event.

After registering you will receive an email with access instructions. If you do not get the email right away check your spam or junk folder. For Eventbrite to provide access you will need to create an account ( – use the same email you used to register. Then when you come back to the Event page click “access event” to sign in. From there you can sign up for as many of the individual programs as you wish.

Think of the registration as a season ticket. You will register once, there’s a one-time fee, and once you register you may sign up for any webinar you like. There is no per webinar fee. Make sure to save the confirmation email you receive after registration – this will contain a link to your “season ticket” – the page where you will be able to individually sign up for each webinar.

Step-by-step Instructions
1) Use Eventbrite to register – this will create a username and password if you do not already have an Eventbrite account.
2) After you register, check your email for a link to the event page. We suggest you bookmark this page to come back to it. Otherwise, from the tickets page, click “access the event” on the right You may need to log in using your Eventbrite username and password.
3) On the event page, sign-up for each webinar you wish to attend. Each webinar requires it’s own registration. This is to ensure correct attendance for AICP and to automate reminders.

Remember, you must sign-up for each session using the webinar registration links provided on the Event page. For each webinar you will receive a confirmation email with the zoom link to join the webinar that can be added to your electronic calendar.

After each webinar in the series, each attendee will receive an email confirming attendance if they attended via PC or tablet. No automatic emails confirming attendance can be sent to phone only attendees. The confirmation email can be submitted to your board chair and or clerk to apply for credit. To automatically receive the email that can be used for PB or BZA credit for this webinar you MUST register and attend with an email address.

Presentation materials are archived on the Eventbrite page (archives are at the bottom under “pas webinars”). Upon the conclusion of the series, links to the presentation videos, posted on CDRPC’s YouTube page, will be posted below.

For purchasers of multiple tickets, each registrant will receive a unique ticket that will be emailed. Registrants will be able to access the webinar series by logging in with the email associated with their ticket. For there they may sign-up for any webinar from the Event Page.

2021 Webinar Dates (“Wednesdays at 1pm*)

  • May 19 – “Building a Walkable & Accessible Capital Region for All”  – Presented By the Capital District Regional Planning Commission (CM #9214107)
  • May 26 – “Planning Infrastructure for Natural Resiliency & Green Solutions” – Presenting Sponsor The Laberge Group (CM# 9214511)
  • June 2 – “Clean Energy and Your Comprehensive Plan: Guidance for Local Governments” – Presented by NYSERDA (CM #9213206)

Past events in the series

  • March 17 – “ and Other Data Tools and Resources” – presented by CDRPC (CM #9213151)
  • March 24 – “Comprehensive Plans: Gaining a Competitive Advantage for Your Community” – Presenting Sponsor the MRB Group (CM#  9213217)
  • March 31 – “Delivery Models for Resilience: A Case Study for New York’s Great Lakes Basin” –  Presenting Sponsor Bergmann (CM #9214105)
  • April 7 – “Review Board Procedures: The Who, What & How to Achieve Development Success” – Presenting Sponsor Barton & Loguidice (CM #9212775)
  • April 14 – “Engaging the Public in the COVID-19 Era – Lessons Learned from the “New Normal” Presenting Sponsor the MRB Group (CM #9213218)
  • April 28 – “Achieving Sustainability through Infrastructure Planning” Presenting Sponsor Delaware Engineering (CM# 9213222)
  • May 5 at *10:30am* “Not In My Backyard: Community Opposition to Land Use Applications” – M. Elizabeth Coreno, Esq., P.C.  (1.5 hours) (CM#9214524)
  • May 12 – “Farm Friendly Zoning to Increase Agricultural Resiliency” – Presenting Sponsor Community Planning & Environmental Associates (CM #9213149)

Presentation materials are archived on the Eventbrite page for registrants and will be made widely available at the conclusion of the series.

Sponsors and speakers opportunities still available!

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CDRPC is offering exclusive sponsorship for each one of our webinars. For the Presenting Sponsorship level we will provide each underwriter with an exclusive 1-hour Zoom presentation time slot of their choosing and a variety of promotional touches including sponsor branding. Underwriter level sponsorships will be paired with a webinar and will be provided with a variety of promotional touches on all webinar materials. Your sponsorship ensures we are able to continue to deliver diverse, cutting edge and cost-effective training and programs to our region’s stakeholders. Sponsoring helps underwrite the production, promotion and presentation of the series.

Our series will provide underwriters with the opportunity to build and promote your brand while sharing your expertise.

For the Spring Series we are seeking presentations on the following topics:

□ Equity
□ Stormwater management best practices

If your firm or organization is interested in opportunity, please complete this form and email it and a logo for your organization (.png or .jpg) to

Webinar FAQs for attendees
Q: Do I have to pay full price if I only want to attend one or two sessions?
A: Yes. There is no webinar pricing option

Q: Is there an early bird registration?
A: No.

Q. Are AICP credits available?
A: Yes. All of the sessions have been submitted for AICP CMs.

Q: Will recordings of all sessions be available post series?
A: Yes. After the series concludes the recordings of the webinars will be posted to the CDRPC YouTube Channel

Q: Can I pay by check or voucher?
A: All payments will be processed with a credit or debit card. No payments will be accepted by check.

Q: Can I pay the day of a webinar?
A: Yes!

Q: How do I get my Planning and Zoning board credits?
A: 24 hours after each webinar in the series, each attendee that registered and attended via logging in will receive an email confirming attendance. This email can be submitted to your board chair and or clerk to apply for credit. To automatically receive the email that can be used for PB or BZA credit for this webinar you MUST register with an email address. This email serves as the proof of attendance. No certificate is issued. We are not able to automatically confirm attendance for phone-only webinar attendees.

Past Webinars

Spring Series Webinars will be posted to our YouTube Channel when the Series concludes. Our past webinars have been archived here.


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