Our Board

CDRPC Governing Body

Twenty Board members, five from each county, are appointed by their respective County Legislative Bodies to serve as the policy-making body for the Commission. At least 51% of the Board must consist of elected or appointed government officials. Though its core programs serve the four counties, CDRPC has a nine-county jurisdiction for regional aviation system planning and a ten-county area for Foreign-Trade Zone activity.

AlbanySealAlbany County

Willard A. Bruce
Lucille M. McKnight                                                                                                                 
Lawrence R. Schillinger, Secretary/Treasurer
Kristin Swinton

RensselaerSealRensselaer County

Scott Bendett
Judith H. Breselor, AICP
James D. Shaughnessy
Mike Stammel, Chairman
Jacqueline Stellone

SaratogaSealSaratoga County

Joseph Grasso
Opal Hinds, Esq,
Jason Kemper
Amy Standaert
Craig Warner,  First Vice Chair

SchenectadySealSchenectady County

B. Donald Ackerman
David J. Hogenkamp
Gary Hughes
Joe Landry, Second Vice Chair
Barbara Mauro


Commission By-Laws

The Capital District Regional Planning Commission By-Laws were amended and approved on January 17, 2018.