Capital District Youth Center

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Capital District Youth Center, a Juvenile Detention Center

Capital District Youth CenterCDRPC is the administrator for the Capital District Juvenile Secure Detention Facility, the first multi-county detention center for youth in the nation. Administered by the Capital District Youth Center, Inc. and operated by the Berkshire Farm Center for Youth, the detention facility has provided very significant savings for the member counties since it opened in 1997.

The Capital District Youth Center, Inc. was created jointly by the four counties as a not-for-profit public corporation to perform a municipal service pursuant to Internal Revenue Service Ruling 63-20, with the authority to issue tax exempt bonds. The detention center project is 100% self-financed – no start-up funding or equity has been required from any of the four counties for facility construction and operation. The project is structured to guarantee priority of bed space by the four participating counties. All construction jobs were competitively bid and paid the prevailing wage rates. All four counties are independent and equal partners in terms of decisions regarding the facility’s construction, operation, and financing. CDRPC serves as the chief administrator of the facility.

CDYCI Board of Directors 2023-2024

Albany County
William Connors * Secretary
Lucille McKnight,
Kristin Swinton

Rensselaer County
Laura Bauer+ Treasurer
Michael Stammel

Saratoga County
Craig Warner+ President
Susan Costanzo

Schenectady County

Samantha H. Miller-Herrera, Vice President
Gary Hughes

Chief Administrator
Mark Castiglione, AICP

CDYCI Bylaws

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Audit and Finance Committee – All Officers with the exception of the Treasurer are members of the Audit and Finance Committee.

Governance Committee Members

Since 1970, the State Division of Criminal Justice Services has used CDRPC as the Region’s coordinator for federally funded human resource and criminal justice services.