The Capital District Regional Planning Commission publishes various reports and compiled data relevant to the region.  These publications are available for download below or can be requested by contacting the Commission.

Older reports and studies are available in our archives. Please contact the Commission to find out more.

Community Fact Sheets – Socio-economic data sheets and location maps for each minor civil division and county in the Capital District based on the latest demographic and economic information.  Please see our Community Fact Sheet page for more information.

DataNews – Bi-monthly, newsletter with annual features on Regional trends such as municipal property tax rates, Multiple Listing Service (MLS) home sales, municipal building permit issuance’s, poverty thresholds, public school data, taxable sales, Census estimates, CDRPC projections, Consumer Prices, employment, unemployment, and unemployment rates. DataNews has a particular focus on analyzing the underlying data of regional trends and explaining them with the help of visualizations. DataNews’ predecessor, Capital District Data, can also be found here.


Capital Region Indicators – This Report primarily relies on a time series comparison of five-year data from the American Community Survey (ACS). In late 2015, the US Census Bureau released the ACS 2010-2014 five-year data which provide the nation with the first opportunity to perform a time-series comparison of this information from the first 5-year survey for the period 2005-2009. The ACS data is important because it provides detailed information that was previously collected from a sample in the decennial census using a Census questionnaire with detailed questions, commonly referred to as the “Long Form.” The Census discontinued the Long Form and replaced it with the ongoing American Community Survey.