The Capital District Regional Planning Commission is actively involved with a number of sustainability initiatives across the region.  The Capital District Sustainability Plan’s goals and targets are categorized by the following focus areas:

  • Transportation
  • Land Use
  • Energy
  • Water Management
  • Waste Management
  • Economic Development
  • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Agriculture and Food Systems

More detailed descriptions of each goal, target and indicator can be found in the regional sustainability plan and the indicator document.

For a list of funding opportunities, please visit the Funding Guide Database provided by Syracuse University’s Environmental Finance Center, and the Climate and Environmental Grants list provided by Partners for Climate Action.

NYSERDA Clean Energy Communities


The Capital District Regional Planning Commission helps local governments in the Capital Region deploy NYSERDA’s Clean Energy Communities program to implement clean energy actions, save energy costs, create jobs, and improve the environment. In addition to providing tools, resources, and technical assistance, the program recognizes and rewards leadership for the completion of clean energy projects.

CDRPC serves as the manager of the Eastern Upstate New York Territory for the Clean Energy Communities Program, which is being delivered through a unique partnership of regional agencies that administer the program in four New York State Economic Development Council Regions: the North Country, Mohawk Valley, Capital Region, and Mid-Hudson regions. In addition to CDRPC, the Eastern Upstate NY Territory Team includes the Adirondack North Country Association, the Mohawk Valley Economic Development District and the Hudson Valley Regional Council. The Team is also supported by Climate Action Associates, LLC, Courtney Strong, Inc., and the Center for Economic and Environmental Partnership, Inc.

Climate Smart Communities


Climate Smart Communities (CSC) is a New York State program that encourages local governments to implement actions to adapt to climate change and reduce greenhouse gases. Communities earn points toward certification for each action they complete. In addition to accumulating points, each community must complete a number of mandatory and priority actions at each level of certification (bronze, silver). The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) regularly offers CSC Grant opportunities through NYS’s Consolidated Funding Application. To gain insight into how other municipalities are taking part in this program, please visit the Participating Communities page.

The Capital District Regional Planning Commission (CDRPC), was the recipient of a three-year grant (May 2012 through November 2015) from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to manage the Climate Smart Communities Regional Coordinators Pilot Program in the Capital District. The purpose of the Pilot was to provide technical support to the communities within the Capital Region that were participating in the New York State Climate Smart Communities (CSC) program. The CSC program is an interagency effort of NYSERDA, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC), the New York State Department of State (DOS), New York State Department of Transportation (NYDOT), New York State Department of Health, the New York Power Authority (NYPA) and the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC). The NYDEC acts as the main administrator of the program.

For more information regarding Climate Smart Communities designation and qualifying actions, please visit for the most up-to-date information. The Sustainability Coordinators at CDRPC are here to help provide free technical assistance to municipalities through the CSC application process.

HeatSmart Capital Region


HeatSmart Capital Region is a community initiative funded by the New York State Research and Development Authority and managed by the Capital District Regional Planning Commission, which supports residents and businesses in exploring ways to improve how they heat and cool their buildings.

Through community events, open houses, and workshops, HeatSmart Capital Region provides information about sustainable heating and cooling systems, and provides access to vetted and trusted installers.

HeatSmart participants learn how they can improve the efficiency and comfort of their homes and buildings, and receive a free site visit and evaluation to determine which clean heating and cooling technologies are best suited for their home or business. In select communities, targeted campaigns may provide additional savings on installation costs by signing up multiple homes in a short period of time. There may also be grants available for low and moderate income households to help defray the up-front costs of switching to heat pump technology.

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