2020-21 Data Shows Another Jump in Net Migration from NYC Counties

The 2020-21 data from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) indicates that the trend of migration from NYC Counties to Capital Region Counties continues. The IRS data utilizes information from tax returns to track domestic and international migration in the U.S. by analyzing the address changes between tax returns between two years which are based on forms 1040 filed and processed between calendar years.

2019-20 data shows a net gain of 2,083 people who have moved from NYC Counties to Capital Region Counties. In 2020-21 2,663 people moved from NYC to the Capital Region, an increase of 580 people or 27.8% from the previous year.

Net migration in 2020-21 from NYC to the Capital Region is as followed:
Albany County: +1,151
Rensselaer County: +306
Saratoga County: +451
Schenectady County: +755
Capital Region: +2,263
The total migration out of the Capital Region was 1,148 to NYC in 2020-21.

The net gain in 2020-2021 was the largest gain over the six years with 2,663 people. Albany County has the highest share of the net gain in the region at 43%, followed by Schenectady, Saratoga, and Rensselaer Counties.