CBP Announces New Security Standards for FTZ Sites, Bonded Facilities

FTZ121 LogoU.S. Customs and Border Protection has announced new security guidelines for foreign-trade zone sites (FTZ) and other bonded facilities. The new guidelines, “Physical Security Guidelines for CBP Bonded Facilities,” replace the outdated rules that had been contained in T.D. 72-56 (Standards for Cargo Security).  A recent memo provides some minor corrections to the guidelines issued earlier this year.

“We’re pleased to see this update to the Security Guidelines,” said Sean Maguire, Director of Economic Development for the Capital District Regional Planning Commission.  “This update recognizes that the old guidelines had outlasted their useful life.  These new guidelines will align CBP’s security needs at FTZ sites with the needs of our trade community.”

In a recent memorandum to CBP field operation directors, Cargo and Conveyance Security Executive Director Richard F. DiNucci said the new directive “should be utilized as the minimum guidelines necessary in order to assure the highest degree of security of the cargo being stored at these facilities.” The new document replaces T.D. 72-56 in the CBP Bonded Warehouse Manual; HB 3500-11 dated January 2012; and the CBP Foreign-Trade Zones Manual.