Natural Resources Inventory Application for Technical Assistance (Albany County)

The Hudson River Estuary Program (Estuary Program) is pleased to offer technical assistance to a community in Albany County, New York interested in creating or updating a basic Natural Resources Inventory (NRI). As part of this project, the Estuary Program and a Cornell University graduate student will guide the working group through the steps necessary to create or update a basic NRI; facilitate data acquisition and management; create a series of resource maps; and review the NRI report. The Albany County Senior Natural Resource Planner will participate in the process and assist with providing data and reviewing products. This assistance is available at no cost. Estuary Program assistance will not include development of new data or detailed studies. For more information about the process of developing an NRI, see Creating a Natural Resources Inventory: A Guide for Communities in the Hudson River Estuary Watershed

Municipal commitment: The municipality should have a working group of 5-6 volunteers who will determine the goals and scope of the project, review existing local studies and data sources, provide input on maps, write and format the NRI report, and liaise with municipal boards and the public about the project. The working group is responsible for coordinating meeting logistics. Note that the process of creating an NRI can take up to one year.

To be considered for this opportunity, please answer the questions below and email responses by March 1, 2017 to: Communities chosen to participate in this program will be notified by the end of March. The Estuary Program’s goal is completion of the NRI project by the end of 2017. For questions contact Ingrid Haeckel at (845) 256-3829.

1. Name of Municipality:
2. Does your community have a Natural Resources Inventory (NRI)? If so, when was it created and/or last updated?
3. Why does your community want to develop/update its NRI? Will the NRI contribute to local plans or policy under development or on the horizon (e.g., comprehensive plan, zoning updates)?
4. Does your community have other existing plans or studies with maps or information relevant to an NRI (e.g., wetlands locations, groundwater resources, habitat maps, rare species documentation, etc.)?
5. Please list names and board or committee affiliations of 5-6 people who can commit to working on the project in 2017.
6. How much time would your group be willing to commit to working on the NRI on a monthly basis?
7. Does your community have any staff or computer mapping capacity that can help support the project?
8. Name of person completing this application:
9. Email:
10. Phone: