Housing Trends: Capital District Data for January/February

Is the Model Shifting in the Capital Region?

housingThe January/February issue of Capital District Data is now available. In this issue, we examine regional trends among homeowners and renters.  Housing options and affordability are key components to a successful and diverse community. However recent trends and news articles about a shift from a homeowner model to increasingly a renter model have grabbed our attention. What do options look like in the Capital Region?

  1. In this issue of Capital District Data, we examine:
  2. Households (homeowners or renters) spending 30% or more on housing
  3. Median monthly housing costs for homeowners and renters
  4. Household Tenure
  5. Household Tenure by Age Cohort (15-34 years of age)
  6. Household Income Distribution

While it’s too early to know if we are experiencing a fundamental shift in the ownership model, it is clear that, for the short term, tastes and desires have been altered.  Read more in this month’s issue below.

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