New Green Infrastructure Code Audit Tool

About the Code Audit

The Green Infrastructure Code Audit, created by the Stormwater Coalition of Albany County and modified by CDRPC, was designed to engage communities in an in‐depth review of how local laws, ordinances, development review, design standards and natural resource protection influence stormwater management. The Audit identifies barriers and gaps in the adoption of Green Infrastructure practices and low impact development. It also leads to a prescriptive set of model local laws and guidelines that can be adopted to encourage and require increased employment of GI as a stormwater management technique – thereby reducing stormwater runoff and improving water quality. This Green Infrastructure Code Audit was developed to provide each community with assistance in developing green infrastructure guidance for public and private application of green infrastructure. The Audit will help communities identify gaps and barriers in local land use code, policy, or stormwater regulations that inhibit or discourage the adoption of GI practices, constructed or policy. The results of the Audit will highlight areas of local code that a community may wish to strengthen.

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