Where Are the 2017 CFA Awards Headed?

Today, Governor Cuomo announced $85 million in funding to the eight-county Capital Region as a top performing region in the state.  We’re breaking down where those investments are going and for what general purposes.  We’ve taken a look at each single-county award, how much money those projects will receive, and in what general program those investments are being made.  We’ve counted them all up and break them down here.

Albany County will see the largest investment to a single county, with nearly $13 million.  Rensselaer County will see nearly $11.5 million.  Other counties in the Capital Region will each totals ranging from $437,000 in Greene County to $5.8 million in Warren County.

ESD grants account for $19.8 million in regional investments.  The next most significant investment comes from the Department of Environmental Conservation’s Water Quaility Improvement Program with nearly $8.6 million in state-supported funding.

A complete listing of 2017 CFA Award can be found on the New York State Regional Economic Development Council website.