CDRPC Webinar: MS4 Stormwater Program, SPDES General Permit and SWPPP Requirements for Planning Board Review of Subdivision and Site Plan Projects

This presentation will provide an overview of required stormwater management rules and practices related to the Planning Board Project Review and Approval Process. MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System) communities are required to enforce NYSDEC SPDES General Permit provisions for development projects that will disturb at least an acre of land, and in some cases […]

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Government Operations and Public Meetings

CDRPC Local Government Workshop Webinar: Application of GIS for Municipal Infrastructure Planning & Water Resource Protection

This webinar is made possible by generous support for the Chazan Companies  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are widely used by the planning community throughout the Capital Region to inventory critical infrastructure, monitor land use changes, and mitigate water quality related impacts. This Webinar highlights examples from communities using a ‘smart cities’ approach to mapping and […]

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Green Infrastructure Code Audit and Toolkit Presentations

Green Infrastructure Code Audit and Toolkit Presentations Green Infrastructure Code Audit The Green Infrastructure Code Audit identifies barriers and gaps in the adoption of Green Infrastructure practices and low impact development. It also leads to a prescriptive set of model local laws and guidelines that can be adopted to encourage and require increased employment of  GI as […]

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