Funding Resources

CDRPC maintains information on various grant and loan resources that support economic development.  These resources are not originated by CDRPC, however, our staff has extensive experience working with these programs to help communities and businesses succeed.  If you do not see a program that meets your particular need, you can contact CDRPC or other local and regional economic development offices.

Federal Resources

Most federal grants, including categorical grants, are available through the federal government’s grant application site.

State Resources

New York State administers most of its grant programs through two processes.  For its annual economic development funding which is typically made available late spring/early summer, most assistance is available through the Consolidated Funding Application, or CFA.  For other programs that occur thorughour the year, the Grants Gateway is where you can find those resources.

County Resources

Counties and municipalities in the region maintain may offer programs unique to their location.  All communities in the region are represented by at least one Industrial Development Agency at either the local or county level.  Please visit the economic development program office for the community where your business or project is located for more information.

Other Resources

In addition to banks and credit unions, the region has access to a number of supplemental financing programs.  Your financial institution may participate in federal loan programs for businesses, as well.