COVID-19 Data Dashboard

The following data will provide economic indicators for the region to help show the effects of COVID-19 and how the region is responding over time.

Weekly Regional Unemployment Claims

Unemployment are a good indicator of how many people in the region, and those who have been let go or furloughed during COVID-19. The data shows the massive jump in claims when NY PAUSE began, and compares to how much claims have increased from the same time period a year ago.

Regional Monthly Building Permit Issuance

Building permit issuance is another good barometer of an economy. Typically, when the economy is strong there will be more people who can afford to buy or rent new homes. Municipalities typically issue building permits to create new options to meet demand and attract new residents. Permit issuance typically slow when the economy as bad, as there is less demand for new housing.

Regional Employment

Regional Employment can show us how the long term trend of employment has been altered by COVID-19. Both the number of employed workers and the unemployment rate have been affected across the region and the state.