Capital District Population Projections: Total Population

The Capital District Regional Planning Commission has partnered with the Cornell Program on Applied Demographics to complete population projections for each municipality in the Region, in ten year increments until 2050. These projections use the 2020 Decennial Census as the base year and include historical data dating back to 1970.

Projection Measure Definitions

  • Exponential Growth: Assumes that the percentage population change is constant and equal to an average of the past percentage change.
  • Linear Growth: Assumes that the change in population size is constant and equal to an average of the past change in size.
  • Share Shift: Assumes that the change in the share of the county total is constant and equal to an average of the past shift in share (always controlled).

Additionally, some of the projections include both uncontrolled and controlled variations:

  • Uncontrolled: In the uncontrolled variation, the projected county population is the sum of the sub-county areas (bottom-up).
  • Controlled: In the controlled variation, the sub-county projections are controlled to a county total (top-down).

These new measures and variations provide a more comprehensive and flexible approach to understanding and planning for the future population dynamics of the Region. Please note that the Town/City population numbers are exclusive of any Village population that falls within it. For example, the Town of Ballston population excludes the Village of Ballston Spa. To obtain the total Town geography, both the Town of Ballston and Village of Ballston Spa must be selected.