Martin R. Daley

Director of Water Quality Programs
Martin is engaged with multiple local and regional initiatives working to protect both natural resources and drinking water supplies such as the Watervliet Reservoir and Tomhannock Reservoir. He provides assistance to several Water Quality Coordinating Committees and “MS4” working groups. Martin is the project manager for the Albany Pool Communities’ Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Long Term Control Plan (LTCP), a 15-year $136m program coordinated by the Commission. The Albany Pool is comprised of member cities Albany, Troy, Rensselaer, Cohoes, Watervliet and the Village of Green Island. Through more than 50 projects and programs the program will significantly abate permitted CSO discharges to the Hudson River and its tributaries, thus improving water quality and bring the Hudson River into compliance with New York State water quality standards and requirements under the Federal Clean Water Act. Martin is serves as the CEO of the Albany Pool Communities Corporation, providing administrative oversight to ensure the corporation maintains compliance with all federal, state and local regulations. Martin works to ensure the program is meeting the terms of the consent order in the most cost effective and transparent manner, serving as the program’s primary liaison between the communities, regulatory agencies, advocate organizations, media, and the public. Martin is also working with the City of Watervliet and City of Troy on the development of Drinking Water/Source Water Protection Plans.

Prior to working for CDRPC, Martin served as a Project Director at Parks & Trails New York where he helped communities across New York advocate for, develop, and promote multi-use trails. Martin is active in several community and professional organizations, serving on the board of trustees of the Board of Great Camp Sagamore and the Hudson River Watershed Alliance. He serves on the City of Albany Board of Zoning Appeals. Martin received his bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the College of Saint Rose and his master’s Degree in Regional Planning from the State University of New York. His family lives in the New Scotland/Woodlawn neighborhood of Albany.