Property Taxes, 1995-2018

Capital District Property Tax Rates

Property Tax Rate Data Qualifications

Note: Starting with fiscal year 2013, data are presented differently from past years. Read more here.

Overall full value rates are determined by multiplying the total overall rate or range by the equalization rate.

It should be noted that part of the explanation for higher property tax rates in cities and villages is that cities and villages are more likely to include basic services such as fire, water, and sewer in the overall property tax rate, while suburban and rural towns are more likely to form special assessment districts for such services.

In addition, an individual’s tax burden may vary significantly in relation to properties of similar market value, despite the adjustment provided for by the equalization rate. The data used to derive the equalization rate are not current, and, contrary to New York State Law, the practices of assessing jurisdictions may result in unequal tax burdens on individual property owners. The problem is compounded by the fact that, in most cases, school district boundaries extend beyond municipal boundaries, and, in a few instances, county boundaries.

A community’s assessment procedures should be carefully reviewed to determine the impact of its tax rates, including those for special districts, on individual properties. For clarification of a specific community’s assessment practices, contact the local assessor of the community in question.

Localities that Impose Homestead and Non-Homestead Rates or Tax Rates by Class of Property (As of May 2012)

Whereas most localities in New York State impose a tax rate that is uniformly applied to the various types of property in their tax base, exceptions do occur. In accordance with Articles 18 and 19 of the New York State Real Property Tax Law, certain localities impose separate tax rates based on different classifications of property. One type of classification used is homestead and non-homestead property, while other localities classify property according to various classes (typically up to four classes). School districts (S.D.) may impose homestead/non-homestead rates in all or some of the towns and/or cities in which the district is located but are not required to files copies of such resolutions with the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance.  As a result, those school districts are not reflected here. The following Capital District municipalities and school districts impose homestead and non-homestead rates (listed by County).

Albany County

  • Albany City

Rensselaer County

  • East Greenbush Town

Saratoga County

  • None

Schenectady County

  • Niskayuna Town
  • Rotterdam Town

2015 Non-Filers

The following entities did not file the Constitutional Tax Limit for with the Office of the State Comptroller as of the date the 2015 Property Tax Rate tables were prepared.

  • City of Rensselaer (Rensselaer County)
  • Village of Victory (Town of Saratoga, Saratoga County)

Additional information regarding Overlapping Real Property Tax Rates and Levies (through 2012) is available on the New York State Comptroller’s Office web site at

Municipal Full Value Property Tax Rates

Municipal Tax Rate Tables

Municipal Tax Rate Charts

Note:  Due to changes made by the Office of the New York State Comptroller, data for 2013 and 2014 is presented differently than in years past.  Data for 2012 and all prior years are not comparable to 2013 and 2014 data.  See the Data Tax Table Fact Sheet [pdf] for more information.

Property Tax Rate Breakdowns

The following tables offer a breakdown of Property Tax Rates for all Counties, Villages, Cities, and Towns in New York State. Data can be filtered by year and by county for Villages, Cities, and Towns. Data can be filtered between 2013-2018.


School District Full Value Property Tax Rates by Municipality

Note that the tax rate listed for each school district applies only to that portion of the school
district located within the minor civil division (city, town, or village) listed above the district.

School District Tax Rate Tables

2009: Albany CountyRensselaer County | Saratoga County | Schenectady County

2010: Albany County | Rensselaer County | Saratoga County | Schenectady County

2011: Albany CountyRensselaer County | Saratoga County | Schenectady County

2012: Albany County | Rensselaer County | Saratoga County | Schenectady County

2013: School Tax Rates [xls]

2014: School Tax Rates [xls]

2015: School Tax Rates [xls]

2016: School Tax Rate

2017: School Tax Rate

2018: School Tax Rate

2019: School Tax Rate

School District Tax Rate Charts

2009: Albany County | Rensselaer County | Saratoga County | Schenectady County

2010: Albany County | Rensselaer County | Saratoga County | Schenectady County

2011: Albany County | Rensselaer County | Saratoga County | Schenectady County

2012: Albany County | Rensselaer County | Saratoga County | Schenectady County

School District Maps by County

Albany County Schools Districts (GIF)
Rensselaer County School Districts (GIF)
Saratoga County School Districts (GIF)
Schenectady County School Districts (GIF)
Capital District School Districts (GIF)

Please note that the Maplewood-Colonie Common School District was annexed by the North Colonie Central School District as of July 1, 2008. Its boundaries have been retained on the Albany and Capital District school district maps for use with the 2008 and earlier tax rate tables.