Census Mapper Video Overview

Still new to our Census Mapper application?  Not sure how to make the most of it?

CDRPC’s Todd Fabozzi provides a step-by-step overview of our Census Mapper application including how to make maps, access quick maps, query data, and print maps.  If you have already worked with the CDRPC Census Mapper and need a reminder about how to do something, use the links below to access that portion of the overview video.

  • 00:39 Launching the Census Mapper
  • 01:16 Color-coded thematic map by census tract using income.
  • 04:12 Displaying the legend
  • 04:40 Graduated-symbol thematic map by minor civil division using building permit data
  • 06:24 Layer visibility to add minor civil division
  • 06:41 Creating a report
  • 07:39 Using the side-by-side map tool
  • 09:50 Using the swipe tool
  • 12:10 Customizing the base map
  • 13:16 Query data tool
  • 14:45 Calculate population tool
  • 15:45 Find address tool
  • 16:10 Clear address from the find address tool
  • 16:29 Printing a map
  • 17:26 Using the help menu

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