Technical Assistance

The Capital District Regional Planning Commission provides technical assistance in program areas such as sustainability, water quality, GIS and mapping, and land use planning.  In addition to these areas, the Commission also provides the following contractual, technical assistance.

Economic Impact Analysis

Sean MaguireSean M. Maguire, AICP AZS
Director of Economic Development
phone (518) 453-0850

An economic impact analysis examines the effect of an event on the economy in a specified area, ranging from a single community to the entire region. It usually measures changes in business revenue, business profits, personal wages, and/or jobs. The economic event analyzed can include implementation of a new policy or project, or may simply be the presence of a business or organization. An economic impact analysis is commonly conducted when there is public concern about the potential impacts of a proposed project or policy.

School Enrollment Projections

Dan HarpDan Harp
Senior Planner
phone 518.453.0850

Utilizing qualitative and quantitative analysis, the Capital District Regional Planning Commission conducts research into the patterns and trends that have influenced enrollment and determine how those influences will impact enrollment in the future. Our analysis provides school districts with a comprehensive understanding of projected enrollment throughout the district, including grade to grade enrollment trends and birth rates. All reports include an extensive overview of local residential building activity from which future enrollment can partially be projected.