Raise the Age

In September 2017, the Capital District Youth Center, Inc convened stakeholders from amount it’s member counties to determine the path forward to ensure compliance with the Raise the Age (RTA) law.  The following list of subcommittees were established to tackle more specific issues.

Building Committee- The committee will review the characteristics of the building, determine what, if any, examinations are needed for building alterations related to the four cohorts M/F JD,JOs; M/F AOs.


October 24, 2pm at CDRPC’s offices Building Committee Agenda Meeting Minutes

Operations and Oversight Committee– The committee review current facility operations and oversight and make recommendations related to compliance with the new law.

November 3, 2pm at CDPRC’s offices Operations and Oversight Committee Agenda 11-3-17 Meeting Minutes

Finance Committee– The committee will determine the most efficient method to track RTA related expenses and ensure 100% reimbursement by eligible counties or CDYCI.

Education Committee– The committee will review emerging educational requirements related to raise the age.