CDRPC@50: 40 Years of Urban Planning in the Capital Region

The third in the Capital District Regional Planning Commission’s (CDRPC) speaker series, CDRPC@50, will feature Sambamurthy Thyagarajan, former longtime adjunct professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the University at Albany and Executive Director of CDRPC from 1972-1980. A luncheon presentation will be held on Tuesday, August 15 at the National Register-listed University Club at 141 Washington Avenue at Dove Street.

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He will discuss how planning has retooled to address the components of sustainability, including: the environment, economy, transportation issues, land use change, community development and resource conservation. Attendees will learn how planners at the local, regional and statewide levels use these tools to make better decisions about our built and natural environments.

Mr. Thyagarajan retired as the Director of Regional Planning for Energy Answers in 2016. Previously, he directed a bureau staff and reported directly to the Deputy for Administration of the NYS Division for Youth as the Director of Facilities Planning and Development. In his career in regional planning from 1963 to 1982, was responsible for the development of regional plans for the Baltimore, Detroit, the Albany Capital District (as the Executive Director of CDRPC from 1972-1980), and the Tri-State New York City region in the US and the regional plan for the Belgrade Region in current-day Serbia; he served as the chief transportation planner for the London region from 1970-72; and provided consultancy services for the United Nations Development Program in the planning for the southwest region of South Korea in 1974. Since 1983, Mr. Thyagarajan has been an Adjunct Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the University at Albany, in the Department of Geography and Planning.