50th Anniversary Celebration Dinner

50th Anniversary Celebration Dinner, Oct. 18, 6-9pm

Join us as we celebrate 50 years of accomplishments for the Capital District.  We’ll be marking the occasion with a dinner at Franklin Plaza in Downtown Troy from 6-9pm on Wednesday, October 18. Individual tickets are $50 with additional options for you to contribute to the event.

Sponsorships Available: To become a 50th Anniversary Celebration Dinner Sponsor, visit http://cdrpc.org/sponsor/ for more information

CDRPC Intermunicipal Planning Awards

As part of its 50th Anniversary Celebration Dinner, CDRPC will recognize individuals and organizations whose efforts have significantly contributed to the advancement regional development and planning through intermunicipal or inter-agency cooperation.  Nominations are due by September 22. Winners will be recognized at CDRPC’s Anniversary Dinner on October 18. For nomination materials see http://cdrpc.org/awards