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Local Government Planning & Zoning Workshop | March 27, 2015 | Overview and Presentations

American Community Survey (ACS) Data
2009-2013 ACS Demographic Profiles New Link
2008-2012 ACS Demographic Profiles 2007-2011 ACS Demographic Profiles
2006-2010 ACS Demographic Profiles 2005-2009 ACS Demographic Profiles
ACS Data on American Fact Finder Maps for 2005-09 ACS Data on New York Times Website
2010 Census Data
SF1 Demographic Profiles Capital District PL94 Redistricting Data
2010 Census Data on American Fact Finder Maps for 2010 Census PL94 Data on New York Times Website


New Link2014 County Components of Population Change

February 2015 Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Producer Price Index (PPI)

October and November 2014 Employed, Unemployed, & Unemployment Rates for Counties & Regions

Journey-to-Work Data & Charts based on the 2006-2010 ACS

Employees, Payroll, & Establishments from the County Business Patterns: 1980-2012

Census 2013 Minor Civil Division Population Estimates

Capital District 2013 Residential Building Permits

Capital District 2012 Municipal Finance Data

2012 School District Finance Data

Annual Employed, Unemployed, & Unemployment Rate Averages: 1981-2013

Revised Community Fact Sheets with 2008-2012 ACS Data for Income, Housing, & Employment

County Migration Patterns: 1980-2010

2000-2012 NAICS Sector Employment, Establishments, & Payroll for the Counties, Region, MSA, & State

Residential Home Sales through MLS: 2004-2012

Capital District 1995-12 Real Property Tax Rates

Newly Revised Age Cohort Projections to 2050

Newly Revised Population Projections to 2050

Reports & Misc.

Capital District Data: Jan/Feb 2015 Issue Now Available OnlineNew Link

New Regional Maps and Map ListingNew Link

Albany Pool Communities CSO Long Term Control Plan Program BrochureNew Link

Regional Traffic Web Cams

Metrics Appendix for the CREDC 2013 Strategic Plan Update

Revised Zone Tariff for FTZ #121

Capital District 2010 Regional Greenhouse Gas Inventory {3.6 Mb PDF}

2010-50 Projected Net Population Change by Traffic Analysis Zone Maps

Capital Region Cost of Living Index & Comparative Data for Urban Areas

Creating Healthy Places in Rensselaer County report {19.7 Mb PDF}

Capital Region Economic Development Council 2012 Final Report

Capital Region Sustainability Plan Available for Review & Public Comment

Capital Region Economic Development Council Strategic Plan: 14 Nov 11

Tech Valley Trends — A Basis for Civic Change {676 Kb PDF}

NYSERDA — Energy $mart Communities Program

Capital District Transportation Committee New Visions 2030 Plan Brochure {5.6 Mb PDF} Summary Report {691 Kb PDF}

Estimating the Fiscal Impact of Alternative Futures for the Capital Region
Brochure {641 Kb PDF} Report {6 Mb PDF}

New Centers: Case Studies of New Urbanism in Denver & Portland {2.8 Mb PDF}

Albany County Plan to End Homelessness Report {136 Kb PDF}

Larger than Regional Policy Concepts Report — Final Draft {243 Kb PDF}

Schenectady County Mohawk River/Erie Canal Blueway Trail Map {1.5 Mb PDF}

Workshop, Conference, & Meeting Materials

— Most Recent: New York State Data Center Conference from 2-4 June 2014 —

Conferences, Workshops, Public Hearings, & Misc. Notices

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Mission Statement

The Capital District Regional Planning Commission (CDRPC) is a regional planning and resource center serving Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga, and Schenectady counties. CDRPC provides objective analysis of data, trends, opportunities, and challenges relevant to the Region's economic development and planning communities. CDRPC serves the best interests of the public and private sectors by promoting intergovernmental cooperation; communicating, collaborating, and facilitating regional initiatives; and sharing information and fostering dialogues on solutions to regional problems.

Capital District Regional Planning Commission | One Park Place, Suite 102, Albany, NY 12205 | 518/453-0850 | Fax: 518/453-0856 | cdrpc@cdrpc.org

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